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Title: The Ephemeral Heartache of Bryce Davison
Author: [ profile] plazmah
Rating: G
Fandom: RPF (FS)
Pairing: Scott/Jessica (fuck all y'all bitchezzzzz) and Bryce/Jessica.
Summary: His partner and best friend is getting married; no time like the present to mourn for what he has lost. Thankfully, he has a friend who understands.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] wasabi_girl1 for the beta. I started this fic with the intent of making it super angsty, but halfway through writing it I actually met Scott and Tessa (and saw Jessica) in Ilderton and I just could not continue on the same vein of tragic unrequited romance. So this is what I created instead. And now I have no idea if it's appropriate for The Comm. Therefore, in a major departure from my regular fic posts, I give my fair readers a poll.

[Poll #1594054]
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The Ephemeral Heartache of Bryce Davison - G )
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Yesterday, I went to Stars On Ice with [ profile] wasabi_girl! And to make it easy on everyone, I made up videos to summarize our experience.

Some things I didn't cover in the videos:
  • Yes, I know, that white speck annoys me too. My digital camera has a broken pixel. Boooo!

  • There's a definite lack of Tessa/Scott footage unfortunately, and this is because whenever they skated I sort of just wanted to feast on their performance with my own eyes and cling to [ profile] wasabi_girl1 instead of fiddling with a piece of technology.

  • Actually, there's a general lack of everything, media-wise, because my camera no longer meets my ridiculously high standards. Blah.

  • Pictures of our sign: the front and the back!

  • We got distracted and didn't recruit the girls sitting in front of us. LOL, they were such massive Tessa/Scott fans. And Scott fangirls in particular, hahaha.

  • There was some guy sitting behind us talking about how touring in Japan was tough, and how all his Facebook friends were people from the National Ballet, which made me go "WTF who is this guy? Another figure skater?? Would I know him?!" I turned around and didn't recognize who he was though.

  • OKAY, that first group dance before the intermission was THE SHIT. Not only was the music they used FANTASTICO, but I'M SORRY I could not take my eyes off Tessa because she was all fierce and pretty and omg so good.

  • At the very end of their routine, Bryce got his sweater caught in Jessica's big-ass necklace and it took them a bit of time to get untangled for their bows. Jessica totally facepalmed right there on the ice, hee.

  • After the cast did their very final bow (the one with the kicks), Scott got all giddy and started jumping up and down on the ice, one arm around Tessa and the other around SalĂ© I think. It was TOO CUTE.

  • Kurt Browning did a whole routine in hockey skates! WAT!

  • After the show, when Browning was explaining that certain routines would be repeated for TV, he said something like "So someone is backstage naked, getting changed into the right outfit" and some guy behind us yelled out "TESSA!" which made me and [ profile] wasabi_girl1 go O_O to the max.

  • In the add-on segment with Joannie, Browning, Sawyer, and Buttle, it was mainly the boys interacting (poor Joannie didn't even get a mic!), and omfg they were so slashy, no lie. You can just see how much they all get along and enjoy working with each other.

  • [ profile] wasabi_girl and I have decided that since there was no show the next day and because Pelltier was so intent on getting out of there for a drink, the cast went to the London Tap House and had the top floor patio all to themselves and the youngins got tipsy enough to start dancing and there was fun/sexy/awkward times all around because DUDE, Jessica and Bryce there too? BAD JUJU. ;P

  • Pictures (what little I have) have been added to my Flickr account as well. :)

ETA: Ani posted her own thoughts here! :)


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