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First and foremost, thank you for writing me something for Yuletide! I am the noobliest of noobs, completely new to this entire experience, and going through the process been rather exciting and eye-opening to me. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. :) So, on to the crux of the matter then!

With respect to genre, I am a massive fan of crossovers. Crossovers make the world better. Taking a look at my interests will give you a clue to what other (larger) fandoms I am familiar with, but my favourite fandoms to use for crossover purposes are: Firefly, Harry Potter, Avatar, Skies of Arcadia, and Star Wars. Besides crossovers, I also like AR (alternate reality) fic, where a minor detail is changed and results in a cascade effect that changes the entire canon. It's sort of like an AU, without doing something like switching the entire cast from a group of doctors into a bunch of pirates or something.

While I don't mind fluff, my heart belongs to angsty fic. If you can take the most perfect couple ever and write a story where everything goes to hell, they all fuck up, everything is dysfunctional and make it completely in-character? I will love you forever. I like seeing relationships fall apart and mistakes being made. I like it when things are dark and confusing and uncertain and there aren't any clear answers or solutions. That's not to say that I don't like happy endings, I do. But there's something about unhappy endings that makes me gleeful inside. ;) But the above isn't by any means my diatribe against fic that's happy. I love happy fic. I mostly write happy fic. My fic is usually quirky and snarky and light-hearted.

(By the way, if you want to see what kind of fic I write as a sort of reference, you can find them in my Memories.)

I'd say my love for het and (fem)slash is completely equal to my love for gen, so any path you take is fine with me. I like character studies and getting inside a person's head, but I also enjoy reading how two characters end up drawn to each other. I'd even go so far as to say I like character studies more than plotty epics. I do like me some smut, so I don't mind if you'd like to go the NC-17 route. The only kinks I am not down with are: non-con, ageplay, watersports, scatplay, torture, rape, and detailed descriptions of violence. The most important thing with the pr0n is that I need it to be in character; actions en flagrante have to make sense given the character's personality.

Hmm, what else... I like dialogue that is crisp and blunt, to the point. Flowery conversations, unless it's canon compliant, turn me off. I adore dominant women and the men who love them. I'm not a fan of gratuitous cussing, sickeningly sweet uber-fluff, OOC characterization, songfic, or babyfic.

Okay, now I'm going to ramble on about each of the specific stories I requested...

Darths and Droids
Characters: Any
Details: I'd love to see these guys get in some kind of "away-from-the-game" hi-jinx, like going on a munchies run or something, but it's not absolutely necessary. I have soft spot for Annie/Jim, but I also really love Pete, Ben, and Sally. Just make it fun and geeky!

What I really would like to get is some hilarious but sweet Annie/Jim fic. But I also enjoy Pete for his quirky, quick-witted ways. And Sally for being flighty and dramatic and determined. As I mentioned in my request, I think it would be fun to see them all get away from the gaming table for some reason. I've come to think of the lot of them as a reluctant family of sorts, full of dysfunctionality but lots of fun times. Seeing them bond in unlikely ways would be lovely.

The entire archive for the Darths & Droids comic.

Haibane Renmei
Characters: Rakka/Reki
Details: I'd love something really dark and angsty about how Reki being drawn to Rakka but wanting to push her away too. It can be gen or femslashy, either is fine with me.

The thing I loved most about this show was how it tore my heart out and stomped on it for about the entire last few episodes, hee. I adored the whole existential depressive angst angle and would love to see that explored through Rakka and Reki's relationship. I find Reki's character so incredibly complex and interesting, with the way she was all tough "mother hen" on the outside and self-loathing on the inside. And it's obvious that she had a special relationship with Rakka, which can potentially be taken in a shipping sense or not. So aside from the tone of the fic, I'm open for anything. :)

Wiki page for the show.
Links to all 13 episodes of the show.
Sekai no Hajimari, a pretty good resource site. (The best one was on Geocities, but alas.)

Dil Bole Hadippa
Characters: Rohan Singh/Veera Kaur aka Veer Pratap Singh
Details: I'd love to see something AU with this pairing, like what if Rohan and Veera met in the UK, or what if Rohan had come back to India with his father as a kid. How would they meet and how would the relationship be different? I'm fine with post-movie fluff too.

By fluff, I mean an understated and introspective but happy ending. And by AU I actually mean AR, but it's a matter of semantics really. ;) While I loved this movie for how colourful and fun it was, I think it would be interesting to delve deeper into Veera and Rohan's motivations and personalities by transplanting them into a completely different situation. Happy or sad ending, I don't mind either way, but I think for this particular ship I might actually prefer a happy ending with the fic.

The movie's Wiki page, which is admittedly total crap. :(

Witch Hunter Robin
Characters: Amon/Robin Sena
Details: I'd like something that takes place post-series involving Amon and Robin in hiding. The darker, angstier, and smuttier, the better!

There's so much complexity to work with in this show: religious metaphors, the ethics of playing god, the very nature of identifying as a witch/of being Other. Robin and Amon being together would not be easy because they come from very different places. And because they are the worst communicators ever. ;) I also love that she has this immense power within her that she strives to keep in check, with much less powerful Amon as her keeper. It's an interesting dynamic. Basically, I love the idea of them struggling together in the future, especially when the age difference isn't so squicky.

Wiki page for the show.
Links to all 26 episodes of the show.
Witch Hunter Buzz Buzz, the best resource site for the show.

That's it for me! Just remember I'm easy to please and you'll be okay. ;) Thank you once more for all your hard work and effort. :D

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