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wishes she would sit down and write every once in a while

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About Me
(plaz-MAH) Smitha aka m_jade8. Late twenties. Trainer & consultant with a desperate desire to do something artistic instead. South Indian. Black hair, brown eyes, and a winning smile. Non-confrontational. On the quieter side. Intelligent. Feminist. Wanka. ISTJ gone ISFJ. Realist. Geek. Not your typical girl. Eyeshadow, jewelery, explosions, and video games. Reclusive urbanite. Proud to be Canadian. Enthusiastically devours new music. Addicted to the computer. Devoted fan of sleeping in till noon or later.
Friending Policy
Previously a Friends Only journal. Feel free to friend me if you like. I may or may not friend you back depending on my whimsy. Don't take it personally; my friends list is already getting a little too big for me to handle. I am unlikely to de-friend people ever but it could potentially happen once in a blue moon.
My Livejournal
This journal is mostly me squeeing about movies and television and novels. With the occasional meme, anecdote from the office, fandom related stuff (polls, meta, fanmixes) or linkspam. Most of my fanfic is public. Most. My fanfic can be found here or on under the pen name plazmah. Icons can be found at Jade Icons. Be warned, I have no issues with slash/incest/rpf, which may pop up if I so feel like it.
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a suitable boy, aang, abhishek bachchan, aishwarya rai, alcohol, amitabh bachchan, anime, astrology, astronomy, astrophysics, avatar: the last airbender, azula, barack obama, being canadian, bender, beyonce, blogging, bollywood, bones, books, camille saroyan, canada, card captor sakura, chobits, chocolate, clamp, clubbing, coldplay, computers, contact, csi, csi:ny, dance, dancing, dil se, draco malfoy, ek hasina thii, eric foreman, fandom wank, fanfic, fanmixes, feist, feminism, feminist diatribes, figure skating, final fantasy, fiona apple, firefly, futurama, george stroumboulopoulos, glee, goldfrapp, graphic art, graphic design, greg sanders, gregory house, haibane renmei, harry potter, heroes, hinduism, hip hop, his dark materials, hogwarts, house, house md, hrithik roshan, html, ice dancing, icons, inara serra, india, iroh, james wilson, japan, jay-z, jedi, katara, krrish, laughing, legal drug, lisa cuddy, lost, love hina, lulz, luna lovegood, maaya sakamoto, macros, magic knight rayearth, manga, mario kart, music, nelly furtado, orange juice, philip j fry, photoshop, pocky, pokémon, preity zinta, rahxephon, rap, ravenclaw, reading, regina spektor, river tam, robert chase, saif ali khan, sailor moon, samurai deeper kyo, sara sidle, sarah mclachlin, sawyer, sayid jarrah, science, science fiction, shahrukh khan, shipping, simon tam, singing, skies of arcadia, sleep, snow patrol, so you think you can dance, sokka, sonu nigam, soul calibur, star wars, sunidhi chauhan, techno, teen girl squad, temperance brennan, the big bang theory, the colbert report, the daily show, the force, the fray, the hero, the hour, the internet, the simpsons, tiesto, toph, turanga leela, vampire knight, vancouver 2010 bitches!, video games, virtue & moir, vision of escaflowne, wallpapers, web design, what not to wear, what the body remembers, wine, witch hunter robin, writing, x-files, xxxholic, zoidberg, zuko
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