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Title: Playing Games
Author: [ profile] plazmah
Rating: PG
Fandom(s): Bones/Lost
Pairing(s): None
Summary: Post-rescue, Hurley passes the days in Santa Rosa without anything interesting happening. Then he strikes up a bond with a brilliant new transfer.
Notes: Takes place after season 3 of Bones and season 4 of Lost... I think. Don't tell me I'm the only one who wanted Hurley and Zack to meet! AU because of what happened during season 4 of Bones, but I didn't watch season 4 and NO ONE CAN MAKE ME. *sticks fingers in ears and sings loudly*

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There was something different about today. )
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Title: Recruitment
Author: [ profile] plazmah
Rating: G
Fandom(s): The Big Bang Theory/Lost
Pairing(s): None
Summary: Penny thinks she finally might get her big break and land a sweet acting gig. But things take a turn for the odd considering Ben is involved; the only person he's really concerned with is Sheldon.
Notes: Technically, this fic takes place during current TBBT cannon, but within the Lost universe it takes place before Oceanic crashes. Please don't take it too seriously, I shoe-horned the characters into this crossover like crazy. ;)

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Penny spun around so that she could lean back against the bar... )
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Title: Ticket to Nowhere
Author: [ profile] plazmah
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Juliet/Sawyer
Summary: As they sit on the beach drowning their miseries, things go from bad to worse until they can take no more.
Notes: Spoilers for season 4 finale (There's No Place Like Home).


There was no need for words. )


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