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I'm late to the game, but that's the lovely thing about fandom: it doesn't matter. :)

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Hey Stephen Harper
To the tune of Hey There Delilah

(By: Smitha)

Hey Stephen Harper,
You've been so un-parliamentary,
Passing these aggressive motions when the
Opposition's so pissed off with you.
What did you think that they would do?
You shoulda knew.

Hey Stephen Harper,
You have been a big ole bully.
Telling us to go and vote for you was
Just a waste of money
In my eyes.
Your government is full of lies,
It's no surprise.

Ohhhh look at those MPs. (x4)

Hey Stephen Harper,
Soon you're going to lose your power,
Cause the Liberals, Greens and New Democrats
Kinda need that dollar ninety five.
Their coalition's come alive,
It has arrived.

Hey Stephen Harper,
Won't you stop with all the slander?
You're badmouthing the Bloc Quebecois,
But you said you would band with them before.
Yeah, back in two thousand and four...
Denial galore.

Ohhhh look at those MPs. (x4)

You think the people want you there
And clamour that this is unfair,
But constitutionally it's all legit.
I know you probably like your job
But let me tell you, as I sob,
That economic downturns are a bitch.
Prime Minister I promise you
That we will all try to undo
The problems Canada has in your name.
Oh god the shame!

Hey Stephen Harper,
Michaelle Jean heading home
And when that smart and awesome lady
Finally gives you the heave-ho,
I'll do a dance.
I'll be so happy in my pants.
I'm very firm upon this stance.
Hey Harper you just lost your chance,
You lost your chance.

Ohhhh look at those MPs. (x4)

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Beholden the fruits of my labours!

Heroes Comic #3 - Musical Diversity
Featuring: DL, Micah, and Niki.
Heroes Comic #3 - Musical Diversity )


Heroes Comic #1 - All In The Family
Featuring: Claire and HRG.

Heroes Comic #2 - Got Drama?
Featuring: HRG, Eden, and Mohinder.
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Ever have one of those days, where your muse gets an idea in her head and won't let you go until you make it happen? And not only won't she let you go, but she hog-ties you and sits on your back, poking you with a pointy stick periodically?

Yeah. Productivity for the win.

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