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As always, thank you for doing this for me, dear writer! I hope to make your job as easy as possible. :)

While I don't mind fluff, my heart belongs to angsty fic. If you can take the most perfect couple ever and write a story where everything goes to hell, they all fuck up, everything is dysfunctional and make it completely in-character? I will love you forever. I like seeing relationships fall apart and mistakes being made. I like it when things are dark and confusing and uncertain and there aren't any clear answers or solutions. That's not to say that I don't like happy endings, I do. But there's something about unhappy endings that makes me gleeful inside. ;) But the above isn't by any means my diatribe against fic that's happy. I love happy fic. I mostly write happy fic. My fic is usually quirky and snarky and light-hearted.

(By the way, if you want to see what kind of fic I write as a sort of reference, you can find them in my Memories.)

I'd say my love for het and (fem)slash is completely equal to my love for gen, so any path you take is fine with me. I like character studies and getting inside a person's head, but I also enjoy reading how two characters end up drawn to each other. I'd even go so far as to say I like character studies more than plotty epics. I do like me some smut, so I don't mind if you'd like to go the NC-17 route. The only kinks I am not down with are: non-con, ageplay, watersports, scatplay, torture, rape, and detailed descriptions of violence. The most important thing with the pr0n is that I need it to be in character; actions en flagrante have to make sense given the character's personality.

Hmm, what else... I like dialogue that is crisp and blunt, to the point. Flowery conversations, unless it's canon compliant, turn me off. I adore dominant women and the men who love them. I'm not a fan of gratuitous cussing, sickeningly sweet uber-fluff, OOC characterization, songfic, or babyfic.

And now... TO THE DETAILS!

Step Up (movies)
Characters: Jenny Kiddo
Details: Here's a prompt to get you going - "Jenny's not joking when she reminds people that she doesn't have a fucking accent."

In two out of three movies (the first and the third ones), someone says something about liking Jenny's Japanese accent, at which point Jenny just looks at them blankly and states that she has no accent. It makes me just love her character, that she refuses to have her voice "othered" by those around her. If you could expand on this point, maybe give her a backstory and her own plot, I would love you forever.

You can always rent the first movie or torrent them online; it's hard to find relevant clips online.

TV Commercials
Characters:Louis Vuitton - Superflat Monogram
Details: I'd love a look at how the unnamed girl's experience in that trippy dimension affects her life, whether it's right after or maybe many years down the road.

You don't even have to tie her story to Louis Vuitton (so feel free to ignore the commercial aspect of it all, hahahaha), just make it a tale about a girl who sees something extraordinary, and it changes her somehow. The commercial does take place in Japan so I'd appreciate it the girl stays and lives her life there.

Watch the entire 5 minute commercial here:

Ninja Assassin
Characters:Raizo, Mika, Ozunu, Kiriko
Details: I'd like something post-movie with some flashbacks thrown in... maybe Raizo and Mika are now working together? Surprise me.

The grittier the better, nothing too fluffy please. I like both Mika and Raizo as their brave and competent selves. :)

Er, torrents? Or rent it at your local movie place.

Characters: Jhanvi, Rajveer Shekhawat, Shrikant Shekhawat
Details: I'd like to either see something that explores Rajveer's relationship with his father and brother and how much it hurt to pretend he wasn't their family, and how much it hurt to lose them.

OR. Please write about Jhanvi trying to be in a relationship with Rajveer but having PSTD and all kinds of nasty misgivings and issues. I'd actually prefer this more I think!

Yeah, if you could make the fic Jhanvi-centric and give her a compelling story that stands on its own and shows me how brave she is for dealing with all the utter bullshit of this movie, I'll love you forever!



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